Introducing Our Coffees: Da Lat, District One, and Orange County

Introducing Our Coffees: Da Lat, District One, and Orange County

When we started Nam Coffee, our goal was to showcase the vast potential of Vietnam’s agriculture. Our products are all made with Grade A whole beans imported from Vietnam and roasted in southern California.  All of our coffee can be brewed however you’d like it — we're compatible with any device. But if you want the authentic Vietnamese experience, we recommend brewing with our premium phin filter  The names of each of our products hold significant meaning to the Vietnamese community — Da Lat, District One, and Orange County. These names touch up on the scope of Nam Coffee and the rich history of the Vietnamese diaspora. Whether it's working at a bustling street corner or a farm on a mountaintop coated with fog, our stories are imbued with the spirit of endurance and innovation. Here's the backstory to these names:  

No. 1: Da Lat

The Vietnamese highlands are home to numerous thriving agricultural industries. Named after a city that’s a tourist and agricultural hub, our 100% Robusta, bold, dark roast is an ode to this region.  Containing notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and wildflower, it showcases the rich potentiality of Vietnam’s fertile soil. 

No. 2: District One

Vince first fell in love with the coffee industry when he was twelve years old and helped his mom run a coffee stand in an alleyway in Saigon’s District One. It was there that he learned that in order to make a great cup of coffee, one needs to form a special connection with each and every customer. As a tribute to Saigon’s colorful streets packed with kiosks, plastic stools, and carts, District One is an innovative, 50/50 balanced blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. This medium dark roast has notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and stone fruit

No. 3: Orange County

We’re a brand that highlights how coffee can bring people together. A crucial part of Vince’s journey was working in the food industry in Orange County — home to the largest Vietnamese diaspora community in the world and countless coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants that celebrate Vietnamese culture and cuisine. Our Orange County blend honors the innovation and versatility of Vietnamese immigrants. This 30/70 blend of Robusta and Arabica provides a bright, medium roast with notes of citrus, hazelnut, and cacao. 

For more information and updates on our products, please visit our Instagram page. We invite you to come along this journey spanning from Vietnam to California.


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