NAM COFFEE SHOP - Brewing Vietnamese Culture in East Hollywood.

Nam Coffee, spearheaded by the visionary Vince Nguyen, has transitioned from a series of successful pop-up events to establishing its first brick-and-mortar Vietnamese coffee shop in the vibrant neighborhood of East Hollywood, Los Angeles. Having made a mark with their presence at weekend markets, Asian fairs, festivals, expos, and conferences nationwide, Nam Coffee is now ready to offer a permanent space to bring the rich tapestry of Vietnamese coffee culture to the local community.

Address: 4876 Fountain, Los Angeles, California 90029.



At the heart of Nam Coffee's offering are its specialty signature drinks. Infused with Vince Nguyen's innovative touch, these beverages showcase a harmonious blend of traditional Vietnamese flavors and modern creativity. From classic Phin filter drip coffee to decadent Vietnamese egg coffee, salted cream coffee, coconut coffee... patrons can embark on a sensory journey that reflects the diversity and complexity of Vietnamese coffee culture.

Nam Coffee's presence in East Hollywood is not just about commerce; it's about building bridges within the community. By actively participating in the local culture, events, and initiatives, Nam Coffee seeks to become an integral part of East Hollywood's social fabric. Through collaborations and partnerships, the coffee shop aims to contribute to the neighborhood's vibrant atmosphere and create lasting connections.

Nam Coffee's venture into East Hollywood marks a significant milestone in its journey to share the rich heritage of Vietnamese coffee with a broader audience. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement, Vince Nguyen's brick-and-mortar establishment is set to become a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike. Nam Coffee invites everyone to join them in celebrating the art of Vietnamese coffee in the heart of Los Angeles.