Our Story

Nam's Love Letter

Nam Coffee is a love letter to my journey from Vietnam to California, a flavor inspired by the mountains of my hometown in Pleiku as much as my current home in Los Angeles. Like many Vietnamese people around the world, I've always carried the flavor and tradition of Vietnamese coffee with me wherever I go. 

I spent my early childhood in Pleiku, a city known for its coffee, tea, and honey farms. I remember drinking Vietnamese coffee from quite a young age. And when I was twelve, I got first-hand experience working at my mom's coffee stand in Saigon, where we moved. She was a single mother who worked long hours to provide for us. Now, years later, I’m proud to build off what I learned from that coffee stand and continue our family tradition of entrepreneurship.

When I moved to Orange County, California to pursue a career in fashion, I was frustrated by the lack of Vietnamese coffee that had the familiar flavors I grew up with. So I went out looking for a source, and luckily met our fantastic partner who is a third-generation farmer. Our Arabica and Robusta beans come from a family farm on Langbiang mountain in Da Lat, a highland region famous for its scenic vistas and fertile soil.

When first developing our roasts, I paid careful attention to all of the tiny details that go into achieving perfection. For example, we roast premium, light Robusta beans at lower temperatures for longer periods of time to ensure that every bean gets a nice coat of oil and a lasting, vibrant aroma. We’ve also guaranteed that our products are organic with no additives like corn starch or chicory. It’s been a labor of love through and through, and I’m beyond proud to share it with you.

There are many ways to enjoy our premium coffee. You can either brew our beans using the traditional phin filter pour over method, or you can use your favorite coffee maker. We believe you should enjoy coffee your way. Regardless, you will be getting a cup of vibrant coffee that will keep you energized and invigorated.