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How We Created Nam Coffee's Brand Identity & Packaging

When I started Nam Coffee, I wanted to utilize my design background to enhance my customers’ everyday experiences. Along with a team of talented designers from Los Angeles to Vietnam, I created a packaging that honored the spirit of the brand. Before Nam Coffee, I worked in the fashion industry and graduated from University of Finance - Marketing with a degree in Business and Management. In the design process, I drew from that background and imbued every detail with a specific story and experience. 

Here are a few tidbits about our packaging.

The Logo

Nam Coffee orange box

Our label design is an homage to Saigon’s notorious rain. Especially after spending time in southern California, I’m left in awe with how much it rains in Saigon when I go back. There’s something super calming about sitting by your window, taking in the lulling sounds of rain drops clashing against the pavement. It’s truly amazing how regardless of rain, Saigon never stops. 

Our logos are also inspired by the curves and ornaments of Saigon’s pre-1975 architecture, specifically its bridges. If you ever visit the city, I suggest doing a walking tour of the old buildings. There’s a unique blend of villas, old office buildings, and modern skyscrapers — a fascinating contrast between Vietnam’s past and future. 

As an international coffee brand, we want to celebrate a city that mixes the East and West and has something to offer for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for a delicious restaurant or bustling nightclub or expansive market, Saigon has what you’re looking for.

Why We Chose Orange

Nam Coffee orange box


Nam Coffee is bold, adventurous, and above all else, fun. When we were conceptualizing our packaging, we wanted to express that ethos. To me, orange is synonymous with the bold sun of California illuminating bright blue skies. We want to be the vibrant start of your morning.

The Bag

Nam Coffee bags

The look and feel of our bags pays tribute to the large sacks of coffee that come straight from the roaster or farm. Our premium coffee is grown in a multigenerational farm in Da Lat — the agricultural epicenter of Vietnam. Though you may be drinking your coffee thousands of miles away from Da Lat, we’d love for it to feel as authentic as possible. 

Our Illustration

Traveling back and forth between Vietnam and California, I’ve had countless memories — racing down the bustling streets of Saigon in a Vespa, walking by the beaches of Los Angeles and standing in awe of the towering palm trees. This illustration weaves together these moments to honor the Vietnamese diaspora. By interspersing cars, church bells, pagodas, fruit, and architectural wonders, I’m showcasing the expansiveness of our community. Across the globe, Vietnamese people are sharing the richness of our culture with coffee shops, restaurants, and clothing brands. 

If you’re a fan of the illustration, you can buy some merch — we offer t-shirts and tote bags

With our Vietnamese Coffee Trio, you can sample all three of our coffee products and experience the wide range of Vietnamese coffee. Though you can brew our coffee however you’d like, we recommend using a phin filter for the authentic experience. 

Nam Coffee Coffee Design Awards Boston 2022
Our packaging on Specialty Coffee Association Expo - Coffee Design Awards Boston 2022. 
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