Creamy Coconut Coffee (Cà Phê Dừa) Recipe

Creamy Coconut Coffee (Cà Phê Dừa) Recipe

Aside from traditional Vietnamese iced coffee, coconut coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Vietnam — and one of the best ways to drink Vietnamese coffee. It makes sense, since coconuts are widely available all over Vietnam, and Vietnamese cuisine and desserts incorporate many parts of the coconut, from the juice to the meat. 

What separates classic Vietnamese coconut coffee from western preparation is that we still use condensed milk for a floral accent that makes a huge difference. (If you're looking for a plant-based version, just try a coconut-based condensed milk like this one). Find our Creamy Vietnamese Coconut Milk Coffee Recipe below


  • 2.5 oz Nam Coffee (recommended blend: District One)
  • 1.5 oz coconut milk 
  • 1 oz condensed milk
  • 1.5 oz milk
  • Coconut dried flakes


  1. Start brewing one serving of Nam Coffee: you can choose either double espresso shots or a standard Phin Filter brew (recipe here)
  2. Add condensed milk to the glass.
  3. Whisk up coconut milk and milk combined to foam creamy on another bowl/glass.
  4. Add ice and coffee to the glass.
  5. Pour coconut milk foam and coconut dried flakes on top.
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