Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Egg coffee is a delightful combination of rich and silky but not overly sweet, Vietnamese coffee beans, egg yolk beaten with condensed milk.

Want to elevate your coffee when you want caffeine and dessert at the same time? We are obsessed with our new recipe’s custard-like cream!!

Try out our Vietnamese Egg Coffee ASAP - you’ll thank us later.



  • 4 oz Nam Coffee (recommend using Dalat 100% Robusta bean - Espresso or Phin filter)
  • 3 oz Egg cream (2 egg yolks, 4oz condensed milk, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tbsp vanilla syrup)
  • Cinnamon and cocoa powder


  • Brew coffee using a Phin filter or Espresso machine. 
  • Whip egg yolk, condensed milk & sugar, vanilla syrup in a bowl until it’s thick and creamy.
  • Pour coffee to the glass / add condensed milk if you like more sweetened. 
  • Add whipped egg cream on top. 
  • Add cinnamon and cocoa powder on top.
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