Vietnamese Coffee Culture

Vietnamese Coffee Culture

What makes our Vietnamese coffee so unique?

Well, first of all, without any exaggeration, coffee is just about everywhere in Vietnam. On pretty much every street corner, there’s someone selling coffee whether it’s a cart or a trendy coffee shop. For the Vietnamese, coffee is not just a drink, it’s a way of life. Whatever time of day, there’s always a coffee shop or a whole street open and ready to serve you a glass of cà phê sữa đá.

Fun fact: Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee exporter behind Brazil. 

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In Vietnam, drinking coffee is a social pastime and a chance for bà tám, a phrase that loosely translates to “gossip.” Many cafes in Vietnam are open-air and usually on little plastic stools on the street, giving a great view of the street and its various comings and goings. 

Coffee gives people the chance to find out what’s happening in their immediate area just before they get down to work. 

Traditionally, coffee is brewed in individual portions using a phin filter, which consists of a small cup, a filter chamber, and a lid that also functions as a container to catch dripping cups of exquisitely aromatic black coffee. Watching the coffee, drip by drip, forces you to slow down, sit for a few minutes, and savor the moment.

Whether it’s the first cup at 5 am, pre-work dose, or post-dinner drink, Vietnamese like their coffee nice and slow. To them, when the coffee is good, why the rush?

If you’re new to Vietnam, there’s a big chance you’ll be converted to the coffee religion in a few months. Or not, but it should be on your top 10 things to do when you visit the country. 

Must-visit coffee shops in Vietnam

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Life in Vietnam happens out in the open in the towns and cities, whichever part you may be. Many people live in small houses and apartments without cooking appliances, so eating out is the usual option. That explains the countless street stalls. Vietnamese coffee is served precisely the same way, you just need to stop by your favorite sidewalk stall to get your dose of caffeine-loaded brew.

Here are four coffee shops from different parts of the country that are worth the try:

The Workshop, Ho Chi Minh City

The Workshop is HCMC’s first specialty coffee roaster and is easily one of the best coffee shops in the country today. Besides their unique and trendy space, you can find every type of coffee style here. From V60 and Wave to siphon or even cold drip, they have it. They source their beans from Da Lat and Colombia.

Cộng Cà Phê – Hanoi

Cộng Cà Phê is a familiar name in the country and it offers a unique cafe experience you’ll want to indulge in at least once while in Vietnam. Their theme is old Communist-era Vietnam, complete with war-era paraphernalia and propaganda posters. They offer espresso-based drinks and other options.

43 Coffee Factory Roaster – Da Nang

43 Coffee Factory is a coffee roaster. They’re dedicated to bringing third-wave coffee using the superior flavors of each batch of coffee they roast. What’s interesting here is that they offer on-site training for baristas interested in honing their craft. The best part is guests get to sample lots of varieties of Vietnam’s best-brewed and most well-roasted coffee.

La Viet – Da Lat

La Viet is in the heart of the coffee-growing region of Da Lat, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Their warehouse-style space is impressive, but wait till you try their coffee. Their hand-picked, carefully sorted, and processed Arabica beans are available in three roasting levels. And, they allow you to drink your coffee however way you want — a pour-over, slow drip, or in a creamy latte. 

Types of Vietnamese Coffee

In case you didn’t know, there are other options for consuming Vietnamese coffee besides having it pure black or sweet. Although the two are certainly the most popular variants, there are many other amazing and unique coffee-based drinks you can try in Vietnam.

Before you decide to try the other ways, make sure you’ve already sat down with a cup or a few cups of cà phê sữa đá or the Vietnamese iced coffee. 

Next up is egg coffee.

Egg coffee is gaining widespread attention online — but what is it exactly?  With egg coffee, milk is replaced with whipped egg yolk. The egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk are whipped into a creamy consistency and combined with traditionally brewed Vietnamese coffee, introducing a layer of sweet foam similar to cappuccino.

Vietnamese coconut coffee is no longer a new thing but it’s still available in most coffee corners and shops. This sweet, strong, and icy summer beverage is huge in Hanoi. Some even describe it as a coffee with coconut smoothie.

Another interesting combination is yogurt coffee. This drink combines yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, and coffee to make a surprisingly addictive drink. 

In conclusion, coffee is everything in Vietnam. And whether you share the same love for this special drink like the Vietnamese — prepping and sipping it nice and slow — or you’re just curious about how coffee improves everything, we got you! Drop your orders here to get started. 

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